Monday, May 24, 2010

Trillium trailer for sale

We have decided to sell our wee Trillium trailer, my office (see middle picture) for The Checkout Girl and the research part of The Lazarus Maple. I'll miss it even though I have a nice spot in the house now with our new addition. The Trillium was comfy and roomy enough for all my books and research materials and had the advantage of electricity for my computer and a propane fridge and stove for tea and food, but no phone, no Internet, and it was just far enough away from the house for real privacy. Without the communication distractions there was nothing to do but work, and work I did.


Jerome Stueart said...

Can I just come and live in this?? :) I won't be any problem. I'll keep to myself, write a novel, live off the wildberries in the backyard and the ravens will feed me like Elijah. :)

Seriously, it's a cool little trailer/office!

gajol said...

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Susan Zettell said...

It's sold, sorry.