Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New beds: Cape Breton on a foggy spring morning

The gardening kind, not the sleeping kind of beds, though my asparagus is still asleep so I suppose plants rest in them, but the garlic I planted last fall is up and seems happy. Andy built the new beds for me because the wood in our old beds burst from the weight of ice and snow this winter & spring. Now the garden looks fresh, ready for another ten years of vegetables and flowers. 

A few other fresh things: click on pictures to enlarge them

Bunny's memorial daffodils and her bench that looks out to the foggy sea.

Mayflowers along the walking path.

Ferns, a la Alien.

Emerging ferns.

1 comment:

bighillpottery said...

fabulous looking new boxes - and lovely signs of spring! Nicely done Andy :)

cheers, Linda